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 MASTERCLASS ERM with the Risk Mandala Framework (25 e 26 de Setembro, Laboral-Lisboa) images

  • MASTERCLASS ERM with the Risk Mandala Framework (25 e 26 de Setembro, Laboral-Lisboa) images
  • MASTERCLASS ERM with the Risk Mandala Framework (25 e 26 de Setembro, Laboral-Lisboa) images
  • MASTERCLASS ERM with the Risk Mandala Framework (25 e 26 de Setembro, Laboral-Lisboa) images

MASTERCLASS ERM with the Risk Mandala Framework (25 e 26 de Setembro, Laboral-Lisboa)


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Enterprise Risk Management is paramount for modern organisations. Risks are everywhere and must be managed properly.

Traditional approaches to strategy definition, portfolio selection and project & operations management disregard risks as part of the processes, when risks management should be considered since the initial planning phases. Not doing it, creates vulnerabilities that may lead to fail in reaching the proposed goals and delivering the expected values.

The lack of risk management concepts, tools and techniques prevent managers from using it to benefit organisations in its daily basis.

In this masterclass we are not just going to show you how to manage risks, but also provide tools and techniques that will allow you to understand how to integrate a risk management framework from strategy development to operations and project management, creating more value and increasing the chance to reach your goals.


  • Develop successful strategies supported by Risk Management Analysis
  • Incorporate a risk management mindset to the organisational culture
  • Understand the main concepts regarding Enterprise Risk Management
  • Recognize the importance of Risk Management for the success of the organisational mission
  • Understand what is Risk Governance
  • Apply Risk Management processes in a practical way
  • Comprehend and use the Risk Mandala Framework
  • Master Risk Management tools and techniques


Traditional Risk Management models such as the COSO (Committee of Sponsoring organisations of the Treadway Commission), ISO 31.000, MoR (Management of Risk) and the Std RM (Standard for Risk Management), present classical Risk Management Processes and some elements and principles related to Enterprise Risk Management. However, they do not explain how to implement the processes, nor provide some practical tools and techniques that turn the activities achievable in the real world.

The Risk Mandala is a framework especially designed to integrate several elements deemed necessary to implement an intergrated and effective Risk Management process in a simple and visual way, from the definition of the mission and objectives, through the establishment of the strategy, portfolio selection, governance policies untill the use of practical tools and techniques.

The framework is flexible and adaptable to any organisation, no matter its size or sector. It allows a complete and deep change on the way people see and deal with risks. The Risk Mandala components are completely adherent to the market best practices.


Helio Rodrigues Costa is a former officer of the Brazilian Air Force and has a PhD degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering with focus in Project Portfolio Risk Management. He also has concluded a Pos-doctoral internship in Enterprise Risk Management at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Besides his 20 years experience as a project and portfolio manager, he has focused his research, trainings and consultancy to develop best practices, tools and techniques to better manage risks in different levels.

Experient MBA professor with more than 15,000 people formed, he is an enthusiastic lecturer and motivational professional with strong academic and industry background. He has already done many consultancies in different companies in a wide spectrum of sectors with excellent feedbacks and results. He is a co-author of several international standards related to project and risk management with some of the most important certifications demanded by the market.


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